The Trail Ahead

Equal parts scared and excited!

Soon myself and My Adventure buddy will spend a month walking 700km around PEI on the new #IslandWalk also now being referred to as the #CanadianCamino

This is my chosen milestone challenge as I approach 60 in a few months. I love stretching myself, I’ve learned to step into things that scare me.

A decade ago, just a few months prior to entering my 50s, I took on a random challenge of climbing Kilimanjaro. I discovered a passion and celebrated my 50s becoming a global mountaineer and climbing the highest mountains in 9 countries. It took me to countries I never dreamed of; Russia, Indonesia, Borneo, Guatemala etc. Most of these adventures re documented in this blog

Training for those expeditions turned me into a marathoner, then an ultra-marathoner, distance cyclist, podium dualthete and tough mudder. I hated running previously but using that to train for the mental challenges of summit day worked well and helped me fall in love with aspects of all of these endurance activities.

The reality is we don’t know unless we try.

We need to be open to step into our fears. To learn. To challenge ourselves.

If you use the word ‘can’t’, stop in your tracks and assess because that is likely the signal you need to step into a new way of thinking of yourself. Imagine the pride of trying something you never thought yourself capable of?

Scared is good. So is the excitement of entering a zone that is totally unknown.

There is no failure in trying and you might just find a passion.

I will post updates while walking into myself in PEI. The world of my new unknown will be filled with learning, seafood and I understand many wonderful PEI’ers. 😊

Equal parts scared and excited is usually the perfect equation for a new version of badass. I cannot wait to start the journey of many steps.

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3 thoughts on “The Trail Ahead

    1. karengeterdone

      So appreciative you created the walk Bryson! It makes me happy taking on this big milestone challenge in Canada 🇨🇦. Can’t wait to meet the PEI people I hear so many great things about.


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