A Goal For Everyone

Happy 2018!  I keep saying I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions but I get on the scale just like many others, even pull out the tape measure, record that mark in time and hide it away so no one can find it.

Ultimately, I really believe setting goals is essential to becoming a better version of ourselves. To me, goals and success with them, is important and I know my commitment to them is based on starting that goal when I’m passionate enough to plow through excuses and execute. Done right, goals can have many spin-off affects.

In 2011, I changed from my ‘normal’ goal setting mode to one unbelievable goal. That goal absolutely changed my life; personally and professionally. Being stretched in so many ways forced analysis on my whole life and suddenly ‘just being’ or ‘just earning’ weren’t good enough anymore, I wanted to feel true joy, commitment to others and belief in myself. Over the last 5+ years, the chain reaction of taking on goals so big that I was forced to analyze myself, resulted in me becoming a better version of myself.

So despite my confession to not getting on the New Year’s resolution bandwagon, I have the same goal every year – to be a better version of myself.

Here are my top 6 learning opportunities for becoming a better version of yourself in 2018:

LISTEN:  Really listen. Put down the phone, even shut off your notifications, turn off the tv, close your laptop. You can either do one thing really well or split your talents. There is no way you can truly listen, watch body language and cues from others when you are on your phone or laptop in a meeting or with your family. Go for a hike or run without music, walk around the block, sit in a church and you’ll have no choice but to be in your own head and learn to listen to your surroundings better. Google ‘mono-tasking’ and ‘mindfulness’ and see how much more human and productive you can become.

Be INCLUSIVE:  Once you become a better listener, you will start to notice things. Some people are excluded, talked about differently, never asked for their opinion and sometimes even bullied. When you pick up on these cues, do something to start changing things and get to know them better. With you as an ally, great things can happen. To be inclusive you must Engage, it’s good for you 😉

GIVE BACK:  5 years ago it was really difficult for me to attach a fundraising initiative to my 1st big challenge, I didn’t want the pressure and there was potential embarrassment if I failed. That was the wrong way to look at it. What ended up happening is I pinged off a new fear of asking people for money, we raised $6200 in 4 weeks for Alzheimer’s and the power of the encouragement from our supporters made the really tough points less tough. Every year since I’ve done an annual fundraising initiative to raise awareness, funds and give those not as fortunate, something to cheer. It cannot be all about us all the time, it’s better when it’s not.

Be HAPPY:  Okay so we aren’t happy all the time, sometimes people tick us off, we might even have to deal with bouts of depression. The reality is people want to be around happy people. Happy people are great role models, go seek them out. Smile. Follow happy sites online, I am not kidding, way better than the news! Laugh lots. We all fake it once in a while but there is actually science to prove that smiling releases chemicals that do improve our mood. Watch what happens when you smile and walk down the street, others will smile back. Count that as your good deed of the day. (Those with clinical depression require medical attention, an awesome support system and smiles. If you suspect someone is struggling, please reach out to them!)

Get FIT:  I’ll keep this short. Get moving and get living. You will be happier and it will snowball your whole life. For proof I refer you to Karengeterdone!

CHEERLEAD: Mentor, Coach, take someone under your wing, become a cheerleader. There can actually be even more satisfaction in helping someone else succeed.

The way we become better versions of ourselves is to focus on others!

For 2018, I just want to be an even better version of myself. How about you?

6 thoughts on “A Goal For Everyone

  1. AcesNg

    Awesome post Karen. It deeply resonates with me. This year i set just one goal – to purposefully pursue a joyful life. Ill definitely be putting these tips to work in achieving that.


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