Why do I love running? Do I?!

This morning I found myself running at 5:30am. Running and Smiling 🙂

I am not a morning person! I have to be super motivated to get out of bed before 7am so it is usually for reasons such as paid workout sessions or knowing people are depending on me before I’ll dare leave my bed extra early. I’ve made a habit of setting up both reasons over the last few years to the point that some people even think I am a morning person. It does not get any easier for me though and this morning’s reason was a trainer; a rather pricey motivator. Up and at ’em. Why drive to the gym when I can run? So off I go with my iPod and my Garmin but, today, I decided not to use them and ‘just run’. I wanted to be in the moment and let my mind wander. Before I knew it I was thinking about all the reasons I now love running:

The crispness of a chilly late Fall morning. It amazes me how quickly I get warm, then hot. Even in the harsh cold of a Canadian winter I get warm while running.

As soon as I step out the door I feel accomplished. Starting is the hardest part.

The darkness, silence, loneliness of very early morning runs is breathtaking; literally. I can actually hear how my body works.

It doesn’t matter at all what I am wearing at 5:30am.

Are my neighbours up yet? No lights, they are all still sleeping and that makes me feel like a total badass for some silly reason.

I smile 🙂 as soon as I start to run. I just do, regardless of how I was feeling before I began the run, I smile 🙂 It might not last but it’s a pretty cool start!

When I run I am very aware of my footing as well as have a 360 view. I have new abilities as an owl to add to my numerous weird parental talents.

All the distance runners I know look way younger then they are. Bonus!

If I was chased I could run longer than them. Now I need to not get caught, working on that.

Have you seen a sunrise lately?  I see them ALL the time and it’s a great start to a day.

Have you seen a sunset lately?  I see those ALL the time too since I run with my group at night. Strength in numbers.

My 1st moments of the day involve doing something good for my body and my mind.

I love hills! They remind me I had trouble carrying a laundry basket up the stairs in my house just 4 years ago. Forget the laundry, I had problems just climbing the stairs, I had to take breaks when I added the laundry baskets.

I can run anywhere, anytime without much gear. Running shoes, top, bottom and GO! Oh, girls, protect the girls.

I have become very proud, even a bit of a braggart about my age. I will be 53 in a few days.

I can listen to whatever music I want as loud as I want, even rap music, without anyone bugging me. Only one ear bud in of course.

Dogs are almost always on running routes. I LOVE dogs!

I can hear my heart beating. I am not only alive, I am living.

Running can be solitary or I can share it with family, friends, even strangers of all ages and abilities. I’ve done all of these.

I climb mountains with greater confidence and more oxygen now. Running has made me better at pursuing my passion.

Running is a very goal oriented activity which appeals to me a lot. Or, I can just go for a run.

Every once in a while, usually when I need it most, someone who can’t run smiles at me. They make me feel like I’m running for them so I try harder.

How many people do you know who have run a full marathon? Less than 0.5% of North Americans and I’m one of them. No one can ever take that away. Did I tell you I’ve run 2, well, Disney wasn’t really ‘running’ with the roller coaster stop and the 40+ photo opportunities BUT I did go the distance and got the coolest medal ever.

I am significantly reducing my risk of contracting many deadly diseases, illnesses and syndromes. I have also undone obesity, high cholesterol and diabetes.

I sleep really well.

Every runner has a bad run once in a while. That helps me fit in.

Sometimes when I see people get on streetcars, I speed up and try to beat them to the next stop. Sometimes I do beat them! Sometimes.

I feel like I could do anything at a moment’s notice just because I run. I am right now waiting for a call to the mountains!

Running is 100% a personal accomplishment.

Before I started running it seemed like a sport for the young. I was wrong!

It’s a fabulous way to raise money for great causes, raise awareness and inspire others to get outside and be active. Play it forward!

There are races, trips, medals, expos and swag. All exciting moments and all possible due to running.

How many activities does the average person partake in where there are 1000’s cheering for you? Some even make signs. They wait in the cold to cheer. High five you. They make you feel like a rockstar.

My legs! Oh, and my ass has lifted. Seriously.

Running clothing and gear is pretty darn cool and pretty darn addictive.

Look good, feel good, run faster. I’m working on that.

Do you know the feeling of crossing a finish line with the announcer booming out your name for all to hear? I experienced this just yesterday.

Running burns calories. I enjoy eating those calories.

My mind is clearer. I’ve become a better listener. A lot of things just don’t matter anymore and that’s a good thing.

Good friends reveal themselves very quickly on a run. The Vegas rule applies!

Running has me thinking about some awesome crazy goals.

I cannot think of a better way to see my City or any other City on the planet then via running routes. I’m taking up trail running next. Mountains!

Runners are very positive, encouraging people. Even those online I’ve never met. It’s quite an expansive and social experience.

Anytime, anywhere and with anyone. I can just run.

It can take me several kilometers to get into a run, but, I end every single run happy I did it. 🙂

I hated running as you know from the beginning of my running journey. Then the results had me enjoying the side effects. This year though my actual ‘love’ of running was tested by another serious injury and several MRI results. I found myself being encouraged to stop long distance running, yet, begging for alternatives to keep me running. Doc was straight up about a titanium brace, “I don’t know anyone who runs full marathons with this but I’m told you could”. Within a week I was fitted for this very expensive appliance for my leg and running without issues. Being told that I might not be able to run distance again is the moment I discovered I must love running.

So, the thing I love the most about running is:  THAT. I. CAN.  Thanks Doc!


15 thoughts on “Why do I love running? Do I?!

  1. Cheryl Keen Daiski

    You’re the best!!! When I come down in the dark mornings, I always look outside to see if your front porch light is on, I know you’re out there and I smile 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. camperchristina

    What an awesome inspiring wonderfully fantastic post ! You are awesome and I see it over and over again how awesome you are! I am so proud to call someone like you my friend, and even though I do not share your love, I can admire it greatly due to the reasons you’ve provided. It makes me so happy to see your obvious and enormous love for this sport and that will definitely inspire others to love it as well! Congratulations on being you! 53 never looked so good!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Vinny Quirke

    Hey Kren,

    This is a brilliant piece, a great synopsis of what running is about! As a 31 year old runner – I share similar thoughts.

    Keep it up



  4. Sarah Ferguson and Choppy

    Great post!

    And there is something about being up before most people that really gets me going – I’m not a runner, but I love taking Choppy out in the morning (it’s so much easier to get up and become a morning person with some sort of motivation to do so). For years, I never saw a sunrise, but now, I see more of them than I do sunsets (but that also has something to do with the short days this time of year, when I am still at work when the sun goes down. Come summer, I’ll be back to seeing both!).

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Debbie M.

    I am not a runner and can safely say never will be. But I am a morning person and could relate to many of your reasons for running. Early morning feels like bonus time in a busy day. My mind can wander, I see the sunrise. the world is quiet, pregnant with anticipation. Keep racking up the miles!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Monica Bruno

    What a great post, Karen! I’m not a morning person either, but on the rare occasion I have to run early, it is an AMAZING feeling. I often say there is just something magical about running before the sun comes up (for all the reasons you listed above). I’m so happy to connect. Happy running!

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